Monday, January 9, 2012

A website to track calories, and more

Apparently, I had already found this site LAST year around February 2011, but abandoned it - either out of boredom, or maybe Mom and I were trying out Weight Watchers online and I got sidetracked.  But, it is really great at showing you what your calories (and fat, and fiber, and sugar, and about anything else you can think of tracking) are.  Plus, it's an iPhone app, and whatever you put on one place automatically shows up in the other.  Cool.  (Using a nook?  Just bookmark it and use it from the web app. ~ I got a nook for Christmas!  Love it!)

Today I learned that I consumed 135 grams of SUGAR!!!  THAT was shocking to learn, and an eye opener to be sure!  Never mind how DANGEROUS that is.  That's as bad as eating red meat at every meal all week long.  WOW.  I definitely have a sugar addiction.  Tough to face when it's staring at you in black and white!

This site is also pretty cool when you want even more details:

From MyFitnessPal I found this blog and recipe for Brownies!