Friday, December 2, 2011

QUICK Vegan Pairings

Peanut Butter (or almond, or cashew butter) and:

Brown Rice & Greens & others like dates, nuts, mushrooms, onions, etc.
(this is my go-to meal ~ dinner)

"Beans on Toast" ~ has many incarnations
for example:
butter beans, zipped in the Cuisinart with garlic, olive oil, and KALE! 
put that on toast, or UDI's gluten-free PIZZA round and cut however you like!

Dinner 11.28.2011
roasted eggplant, brussel sprouts, and onion
pan seared Swiss Chard
2 of Amy's Vegan Sonoma burger chopped into bite sizes
little bit of vegenaise to make the veggie burger moist
and the secret ingredient: 1t of raspberry vinaigrette (Stuartos)


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